jeans or genes

Disclaimer: Look I am not scientist or expert. I have no clue whether obesity/overweight is passed through our genes. There is science either way. I personally believe that the habits we form as children are most definitely things we take away from our family. With that said, this is not a post about my genes and that being the reason for my obesity, and yes, I am medically morbidly obese, or I was, I am in the obese range now).  I just wanted a witty title. This post is about my jeans, last months blue jeans to be exact. jeansThese are last months jeans. The scale hasn’t moved as much as it used to, but this…this was so much more satisfying than the scale. I hadn’t seen the difference in my clothes. Probably because I had always been purchasing them too small. Then one day this happened.  This was so beyond a little victory, this was a great big victory! So let’s talk about this month. July was a rough month on the diet sense. There were many obstacles. My birthday for one, July 4th was another, not to mention I made one too many trips east bound I-10 that accounted for extra calories in the form of Alcohol and no working out for the most part.

I obviously did somethings right. My mom had great success with Plexus. I took this regularly for the as instructed. I ran out mid month. I love the drink. It really helped me kick the sugar habit. I don’t mind the accelerator, but I wasn’t really ever hungry. My mom tells me now I probably should have cut back to one pill. Meh, you live you learn. I ate lots of veggies and lean meats. Up until July 12th I recorded every last thing I put in my mouth and exercise I did. I learned a lot from this. I learned what is effective and the things that are not. On days that I felt blah, I could look back and see why. Furthermore, on the days that I had a great energy, I could see why. I only stopped recording because I no longer had my smart phone with, however this is really no excuse. Last, and maybe most importantly, I drank water. Lots and lots of water! Drink it. Plain. Just water. Just how it comes.

For August: I am switching my shakes. I have found a new found love for shakes. I have moved to the Isagenix Chocoalte and Vanilla Shakes. I will talk more about later. The change has come because this is the brand the gym I work for sells. No added sugars, packed with fiber, and protein. I will give you reviews next time. Till then…keep working on bouncing quarters and celebrating small victories. Whit…


Swallowing the Pride

I have never been a numbers person. I like to number things when telling stories, but I hate adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing them, so I would have never thought numbers would motivate me.

Weight never really motivated me. I mean it is a good measure, but more of my motivation came from a mirror. Sure the number on the scale has become a good source of progress reports, but not the driving factor. Then today happened.

I got a complete body scan. Not only did I get the most accurate weight ever (which I was happy was still where I thought I was and still in the 180s), but it also gave me an accurate BodyMass Index, Percentage of Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Body Water Balance, and the distribution or the aforementioned in my body. I plan on having this done again, but for today…it motivated me. Here’s the breakdown:

Weight : 189.8 lbs
Lean Body Mass : 110.01 lbs
Body Fat Mass : 79.8 lbs (I need to lose about 47.0 lbs of that)

Body Water Balance is all in the normal range. The machine measured intracellular, Extracellular, and Total Body Water.

Obesity Analysis:
BMI : 30.6 with a normal range being 18.5~25.0
PBF : 42.0 with a normal range being 18.0~28.0

Segmental Lean Analysis: pretty much, my right arm is bigger than my left, my trunk is carrying the most fat, my right leg is smaller than my left leg.

Moral of this story, I got some work to do. I need to lose 47.0 lbs of body fat and maintain or gain 0.01 lbs of muscle mass. I have never been motivated by numbers…but today, that changed.

Here’s to a healthy happy body. Excess fat doesn’t do the body good.

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