better than Spanx

Today is my day dedicated all to my abs, so… Let’s talk about Spanx. Look, I am not going to kid myself. It is much easier to honor your body for what it does, rather than how it looks when it looks amazing. Spanx help out in this. It is hard to get past that emotional idea that our bellies should be flat and our butts should be tight. Thus the multi-million dollar companies of fat displacement clothing was invented. Does that really honor what your body can do? Not to mention, when that little dress comes off, Spanx are not the sexiest things.

Here are my top reasons and solutions for aiming for the flat belly and strong core (aiming for cause it is not quite there yet):

  • Bloating is not cool and most of the time caused by the pesky little guy called gas. If Spanx are unsexy when the dress drops, toots are right up their with it. Drink water! Drink at least half your body weight in water. I promise, it will help with the bloat.
  • Strong core is the best simplest and usually the only solution needed for back pain. Seriously, that spine of yours has to support a lot, you need the muscles to support it. Your core muscles are the first place to start.
  • Better athletic performance. Let me tell you, I got infinitely better with my kickball when my belly started shrinking and I started working my core. Who doesn’t want to perform better. Seriously, even non-athletes want to be able to get up the stairs quicker without the, “OMG I will never catch my breath face.”
  • Balance. Raise your hand if you are a klutz. (I am raising both mine.) It is amazing to me that I haven’t broken many a bones. I trip and fall over my own two feet. Most of the time it is just because I tipped over for no apparent reason. Strong core creates better balance. This may be the only reason I need to work that belly.

So how can you build core strength? Yoga and Pilates are great for this. There are countless activities: Kickboxing, cycling, or swimming to name a few. There are many gyms that offer strength training programs. All of this makes for a tight belly and strong core. Do not be afraid of weights. Cardio may change your size, but strength training will improve your shape and your core strength. Plus it will get you ready to bounce a quarter off that belly in no time!

Happy Quarter Bouncing!

Today’s Work-Out:
20 minutes eliptical
20 minutes bike
50 supermans

100 – 2 count mountain climbers

30 second planks (both sides and traditional)

100 – 2 count bicycle