Smoked Tuna Enchiladas

Ben and I had a revelation today. We are not satisfied with how we have let our bodies go since we have found each other. Why is it that just as you get happy in a relationship, you realize that you are not happy with your abundant softness? Needless to say we were both grossed out. This day did not start like this however, so let’s back up.

We have been complaining about getting soft for a bit. In an effort to turn that around we planned out some meals. The Cabbage Wraps were part of this week. On the same evening we whipped up said cabbage wraps, my mom hurt her knee pretty badly. So like the amazing man he is, Ben brought our ingredients for Smoked Tuna Enchiladas over to me, starting with the smoked tuna.

photo 3

I have to say, I have given Ben more than a hard time about this tuna. He and his family went fishing a couple of months ago. There was a plethora of tuna caught and needless to say, we have been eating tuna over and over and over and over again. I had the bright idea to use tuna instead of chicken in our enchilada dish. If you asked him, he would say that it was his idea. Classic he said/she said debacle. Needless to say, it happened and it was wonderful.

SmokedTunaEnchiladasThe rice side was honestly a combo of all the veggies in the fridge and a bit of rice left over from the last of the gumbo. The nutrition breakdown doesn’t factor that in. Could this be a bit better…absolutely, but could it be any more delicious? For my own personal pride I am going to say, “HECK NO!” Ben and I’s theory, more homemade food in the right portion sizes and we will be well on our way to a healthier us!

Smoked Tuna Enchiladas

The breakdown is as follows: This recipe serves 4. Each serving is: 664 calories, 54g carbs, 23g fat, 60g protein, 1406g sodium, 4g sugar


Cabbage Wraps & Called Out

I was playing around the other day in a kickball tourney when I got a phone call from a friend. Ben was a guy that I worked out with back in Lafayette. He’s pretty much the penguin’s tuxedo. So we got to talking about how we lost our edge to be healthy. Where as neither of us had actually really falling off the deep end of complete apathy for our health, we were on our way. So there was only one thing to do about it, hold each other accountable. Once upon a time, here, I wrote a little piece about having a team. Ben is on that team. He is a leader on that team! So Ben, this post is for you.

cabbage wraps

Here in Baton Rouge, I have met the least healthy person I know. Coincidentally his name is Ben. He is amazing, but has a bigger sweet tooth than I and never has to work out to stay in his jeans. He does, however, have a green thumb. His garden has produced more Kale and Cabbage this winter than we know what to do with. We have made kale chips, eaten lots of cabbage (which side effect to it’s deliciousness is a mean case of the toots. I call it “revenge of the cabbage.”), and juiced. Juiced a lot (well I juiced a lot of Kale, not we). So in the last winter harvest before planting the next round of awesome produce, had to be used and I wanted something different.

Last HarvestWhat you are looking at is the last harvest. This took up half the picnic table.

I did a little research and digging through my favorite cookbooks and of course my pinterest feed till I finally settled on Cabbage Wraps as I have been having a strong envie for some PF Changs’ wraps. …and so it was. I altered a recipe from Bill Phillips book, Eat for Life. His were Lettuce Wraps. I figured, “We have all this cabbage…who needs lettuce?”


Not only are these delicious, but they are full of protien. My only hold up is the amount of sodium. I couldn’t find a Hoisin sauce that was low in sodium round these parts, but I will be on a mission. The final break down for the entire recipes is as follows:

This recipe serves 4. Each serving 274 calories, 36g carbs, 2g of fat, 32g protein, 897g sodium, 23g sugar.

You can find the recipe here. Save, print, cook, enjoy.

Crawfish Pot Stickers

Today was a clean out the fridge kind of morning. I had some wraps left over from Shrimp Won-Tons, some spinach, and crawfish tails. So knowing that I always have some trinity chopped and in the freezer, I went to work crEATing. This was the taste-ful outcome.






I steamed my pot-stickers in a quart pot with a bit of grape-seed oil on the bottom and about 2 tablespoons of water. It came out delish. The most unhealthy thing about it is the dash of remoulade sauce, but hey, that is very much worth it.

Shrimp Wontons

SWFinishedThis weekend I was making the trip back to Slidell, my hometown. I stopped at Whole Foods in Baton Rouge (which is a whole other story, but as always was an adventure in surviving) picking up some goodies. When I got to the check out line there were so many impulse things to pick from. I chose an Eating Well magazine. I had no idea how awesome this decision would be.

As I flipped through, I was most excited about the lack of advertisements. There were a handful, but not all-consuming. The thing was chalked full of recipes, and not crazy ones either. Super simple recipes. One section caught my eye, the “Frozen Assets” section. This pad boy was full of recipes meant to freeze and cook for later. I was thrilled. I decided that my mom and I would have the Shrimp Dumpling recipe the next day. Then the house exploded in excitement  as the confetti fell at the anticipation of Shrimp Dumplings. Okay maybe that didn’t happen, but I was excited.

I followed the recipe with a few minor adjustments. I used only one pound of shrimp and added chopped spinach. I forgot the cornstarch, which I am excited about trying as I was having some problems with these little suckers, and I didn’t put the white pepper, only cause my mom doesn’t like spicy. I decided I would pair my won-tons (what Eating Well cause dumplings) with a simple fried rice with the dish and some roasted green beans, and serve them on a bed of spinach with a drizzle and i do mean a drizzle of sweet and sour sauce.

I had some troubles getting the golden crisp outside that the magazine showed. I served the best looking ones but hey, they all tasted delicious. I was super excited about this recipe. My fried rice came out simple and the roasted green beans were some of my favorite, news flash, it’s because of the honey I drizzled prior to roasting with the cracked red pepper. #offthechain

SWFoldingFolding was not quite the zen process I was hoping for. I also wanted to make cute little folds…I learned very quickly to stop trying to be fancy. A little jar of water to dip my fingers in was a must. Also get a huge cookie sheet that you can lay flat in your freezer to freeze these bad boys. I recommend parchment paper so they don’t stick after freezing.  I folded about 45 of them. The recipe yields 48, so I was pretty darn close.

veggiesThese were my chopped veggies, minus the spinach, which was a last-minute decision. I realized with this dish that it would be a great sweep the kitchen dish. Got some cabbage you need to use or any other veggies that need to be sliced, this is a great way to mix them in a dish, and sneak them into  the non veggie eaters. My mom got spinach and cabbage and green beans snuck into her belly. (insert evil laugh here).

The biggest lesson to be learned with this dish, have fun with the process. Don’t expect it to look like a picture and won-tons/dumplings/pot-stickers still taste yummy even if they don’t look perfect! Eat up lil’ chickens, eat up!

Recipes to download:

Eating Well’s Shrimp Dumplings (aka what I call Won-Tons) 

Whit’s Simple Fried Rice

Honey Ginger Roasted Green Beans

Keep bouncing quarters and EatGood! -W


Eat your Veggies

This whole site is pretty much dedicated to my mom in some way, as is my other one over at Paper Rainbows. She’s pretty amazeballs. I see a trend of my all around idolizing mi madre.  A trend I hope my daughter will continue. So in a nut shell, I get a lot from my mom:

  • my unmistakable charm
  • my undeniable wit
  • my dance moves – except the dolphin, that is my creation
  • my love for coke (a cola)
  • love for the color black
  • creative masterminds
  • my all around awesome-ness

There is one thing inparticular I did not get from her. My new found lover for Veggies. Justin and Jenni (you’ll meet her tomorrow) are to thank for that. So for the love of veggies, I am not going to sing their praises, I am simply going to share with you this cheat sheet I found over at Back on Pointe, and let the veggies speak for themselves!

veggie cheat sheet

Eating your veggies will get you one step closer to bouncing a quarter off your ass. Get to cooking or not, heck I don’t care how you eat them, just eat them!