Believe it…

Finding motivation to work out is tough sometimes. I like working out, I don’t like the feeling of starting over. It never fails that I am reminded how hard it is to start over every couple of months. I fall of the bandwagon somewhere.

Before dinner the other night Arg and I decided to go work out. She was excited. It is easy for a 7 year old to get excited about working out when you have the energy of, well, a seven year old. We did the block and then went inside for sit-ups, push-ups, and squats. As we are really getting into all these work-outs the most dreadful thing came out of her mouth, “Geez Ms. Whitney, I can’t believe you are tired.”

Humbly I responded, “Believe it…”

I would have loved to blame it on my 31, almost 32 year old body getting old, but that’s just not true. I simply start and go, start and go, start and go ad nauseam.

I would say that this simply can’t go on any longer, but judging by the past 15 or so years, it can go on, with no end in site. It is just a matter of how bad you want it I suppose.

My question to you: How do you keep going? How do you stay interested in the workouts? I can’t keep letting  a kid show me up!



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