Peter Cottontail is a Yogi

While pinteresting for the upcoming nuptials, I ran across this.

I mean this is just awesome sauce and if a bunny can do it. So can we. You need not look very far to find the benefits of yoga. So let’s treat ourselves well and do as the bunnies do each morning!



Dear Ben…the other one

Have you been busting a move? You know as it stands Forrest is kicking our butt. So this is my proposal.

About a year ago I remember the three of us doing a 21 work out. Weights over our head. Sit ups. Squats. We were in beast mode. We didn’t quit. We rocked it. I don’t know about you, but I probably wouldn’t make it through. So here I am…starting over.

Let’s start over together. I challenge you to the 21 work out come July 12. July 12, 2014 we show down. You in?