Blame it on the Al-Al-A-Alcohol

Okay so this is the thing. I don’t drink a lot, but I love my beer and wine. I also like my weekend. I work hard and play harder. So when I realized that I had hit a point that it was all about cutting the fat and cooking the brisket (my number 3 catch phrase) I knew what had to go…the alcohol.

First came the cokes. The cokes had to go. Then the pastas and bread. HAD TO GO…there was one thing left for me to cut, the alcohol. Now I live in the south. I find that the concrete river of I-10 is my favorite place to be. That comes with bloody mary’s before lunch and beer at every meal. It is a staple of the diet. Not to mention football season is right around the corner. I can’t go tailgate and not have my boudin and beer! Or can I? That is yet to be determined, but for the next 30 days, the alcohol has to go. Before my southern girl card gets revoked, this is why:

  1.  Alcohol is a diuretic. So all day I work to drink half my body weight in water only to lose it to my PBR or high life. This is not kosher. It is not the penguin’s tuxedo. I am losing my heard sought hydration all for 3 hours of uninhibited bliss that is stealing the hard earned nutrients as well. Speaking of that uninhibited bliss…
  2. Alcohol stimulates your appetite. I have busted my ass to make sure I am eating the right foods to get me back to fighting weight. Focusing on foods that are clean and real. I realize this is a vague description, so let me explain. My food intake has been delicious mix of vegetables in their natural state and rarely cooked. Lean meats of seafood, chicken, and turkey. Sometimes if I am feeling really fancy I will cook up some lean beef…after all, it is what’s for dinner. There is very little starchy carbs. When I want them, I eat them in moderation, but I am trying to break my sugar habit. What is it that I want when I drink, greasy, buttery, and sugary foods. That is what I want. I want it all and most of the time I eat it. Not only am I completely and utterly laughing while I make ridiculous 6 second loop videos on Vine that make me look like I never made it out of college days, but I am raiding whomever’s fridge happens to be in front of me of any bread, pasta, and sweet things they have. Not cool, alcohol, not cool.
  3. Alcohol destroys your rest. You may pass out, but you don’t sleep. Lack of sleep triggers overeating to compensate for the energy it now lacks.
  4. Alcohol changes your metabolism. When you eat, the food passes through each and every organ till it hits the liver. The liver then breaks it down. When you drink, all that other food is ignored. All the while the alcohol takes priority and is broken down by the liver. It is viewed as a toxin and the body just let’s all that food, sit unprocessed. This is no bueno for your fitness goals.
  5. Alcohol is a depressant. Sure you feel all warm and fuzzy when you are drinking, unless you are drinking cause your pissed. Then you have already broken rule number 1. Never drink upset….it will only make it worse. It is a scientific fact that alcohol is a drug and when you come down from said drugs high, serotonin escapes you and you are left feeling like Eeyore instead of Tigger. (no offense intended for Eeyore he is my favorite.)

So in our next toast, I will be clinking my glass to yours with my glass of water. Operation bounce a quarter off my ass in full swing.


Swallowing the Pride

I have never been a numbers person. I like to number things when telling stories, but I hate adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing them, so I would have never thought numbers would motivate me.

Weight never really motivated me. I mean it is a good measure, but more of my motivation came from a mirror. Sure the number on the scale has become a good source of progress reports, but not the driving factor. Then today happened.

I got a complete body scan. Not only did I get the most accurate weight ever (which I was happy was still where I thought I was and still in the 180s), but it also gave me an accurate BodyMass Index, Percentage of Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Body Water Balance, and the distribution or the aforementioned in my body. I plan on having this done again, but for today…it motivated me. Here’s the breakdown:

Weight : 189.8 lbs
Lean Body Mass : 110.01 lbs
Body Fat Mass : 79.8 lbs (I need to lose about 47.0 lbs of that)

Body Water Balance is all in the normal range. The machine measured intracellular, Extracellular, and Total Body Water.

Obesity Analysis:
BMI : 30.6 with a normal range being 18.5~25.0
PBF : 42.0 with a normal range being 18.0~28.0

Segmental Lean Analysis: pretty much, my right arm is bigger than my left, my trunk is carrying the most fat, my right leg is smaller than my left leg.

Moral of this story, I got some work to do. I need to lose 47.0 lbs of body fat and maintain or gain 0.01 lbs of muscle mass. I have never been motivated by numbers…but today, that changed.

Here’s to a healthy happy body. Excess fat doesn’t do the body good.

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Starting Somewhere

So a lady came in my office yesterday. We talked and talked about how we are going to do a 9 day cleanse together. We talked about why it’s time to get started. We talked about what got us there. For the first time in this little journey, I understood exactly why I had to keep going.

1. I am deserve to wake up without neck pain.

2. I deserve to be able to enjoy food, real food. I want to know what that tastes like.

3. I deserve to be changed by people and help to change people too.

4. More than anything, my family and friends deserve to get the very best me.

I am in my 180’s as of this morning, barely. 189lbs, for those counting that is 16lbs thus far. I put on a pair of jeans that just 3 months ago I was keeping buttoned with a rubber band to expand the waist, I have room.

On Wednesday, I gave away half my closet that was too big. The clothes that are too small do not scare me. I tell them every morning, “I am coming for you.” The clothes still don’t believe me, but I know better.

If I could tell the world one thing, it would be that celebrating little victories are  the cornerstone to healthy living.

Little Victory yesterday: I found anew love for beets. Ginger steamed beets from Whole Foods. Delicious! Who would have thought.

Cheers to paper rainbows and little victories. I look forward to taking you along on my journey.

Let’s finish with a song, just #pressplay

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July 14th

I have been marinating for 31 years. Since 15 I have been struggling with self image. I hear the advice and opinions of others. I took them all to heart, good and bad, it was overwhelming. For more than half my life, I have been overwhelmed with weight, food, body image. This is not the way it is supposed to be, for me or anyone else. Today this has to change.